Four Colour Rotary Printing

This solution has been engineered for different kind of companies:

  • For those who want to provide a new focus on traditional printing (rotary or frame), affected by the spreading of digital printing. . 
  • Companies who want to make small quantities in digital printing and then move in bulk production with traditional printing machines (rotary or flatbed printing).

Combining the capabilities of Makeraster and Colour Instinct, it is possible to control the final printing result, printing on digital (paper or fabric) and applying the requested edit-operations. All those changes can be done without any engraving procedure and, more than that, avoiding to involve other department except the creation office. In a short time the user will generate a proper simulation of the final result.

Thanks to this solution, companies will obtain the maximum quality from his actual setup, optimizing the quality without investments on other machines. Improve as much as possible the actual working conditions is the main focus of those products.

Manual and automatic coloring functions of ColorInstinct permit to generate colourways even for CMYK images, using traditional tools it would be a very complicated operation.







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