Digital sampling (Strike Off)

Since the origins, CAD systems aim to replace the manual sampling with an accurate paper print.

In order to obtain a proper result, many points have to be taken in consideration as, for example, the dot gain, the color-matching, the simulation of the overlapping tone obtained on wet on wet printing, the raster application to the screen, the color viscosity and the printing order.

Thanks to Color Instinct it is possible to handle all those variables, simulating them on paper or on fabric (direct printing or transfer), and obtaining a level of imitation enough to get the final confirmation from customer and then move to the standard working procedure, from engraving to printing.

It also introduces some working procedure’s improvements: it is possible to make a proper evaluation of the design before engraving, to print and then valuate the proper adjustment, to identify problems related to the engraving or to the printing and then quickly fix them and to increase the number of proposal to the customers. All those options, will reduce the working times and costs. It wont be necessary to produce a large amount of sampling for sales campaign, production will be done only after sales confirmation.



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